Phase 1

Understand your key objectives

We will work with you and your stakeholders to understand all of the key objectives for your website over the coming months. We need to know where you’re headed in order to deliver actionable insight right away.

Phase 2

Dig into the data

Using Google’s HEART framework, we will uncover the story your data tells about how customers use your website. This overview provides a road-map pointing to areas most in need of performance improvements.

Phase 3

Speak to your audience

But data only tells us objective fact: what is happening. By speaking to your audience, we will gather subjective insight into why it is happening: what real customers think of your website.

Phase 4

Create insight and action report

We will then distill our findings and related suggestions down into a final insight and recommendations report. This will be discussed with you via an in-person meeting or a screen share, then shared via email.

Inspiring Growth

We are digital consultants focused on helping brands achieve the greatest commercial return from their investments in eCommerce.

By understanding your audience and leveraging your brand, our specialist team can deliver an eCommerce experience that brings you more customers, more sales and more love for your brand.

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What our
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RetroFuzz are more than an agency to us, they are an integrated part of our digital team.”

RetroFuzz understands the importance of combining brand vision with user experience to rapidly achieve growth.

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