Helping Wrangler test and launch effective ads

Ahead of launching their first global campaign - Wrangler Icons - we conducted testing on new campaign material to help Wrangler define advertising budget and maximize the chances of landing the right creative with their audience.

What did RetroFuzz do?

To launch its new season's range and connect with an audience excited by retro trends, we helped Wrangler celebrate its 70-year legacy with a digital celebration full of retro flair and packed with gems from a vast archive of vintage campaign photography.

70 Years of Wrangler is a celebration of the denim brand's history and a place to discover its retro-inspired anniversary collection. The site is full of classic photos and ads from Wrangler's vast archive. It's part lookbook, part archive, and all things Wrangler.

To connect this dedicated microsite to the eCommerce experience, Shoppable products are highlighted with direct links to purchase on the brand's eCommerce store.

With a campaign project like this we worked with Performance Marketing, SEO, CRM, and Digital Analysts, shaping the planning and reporting before the creative had begun.

What was the outcome?

Engagements statistics showed this new demographic were engaging with the brand like never before, and the site received attention far and wide - attracting a four page showcase in industry press.

In March 2019 Wrangler will be launching its SS19 Icons campaign. The collection consists of 3 male/3 female products in different washes worn by famous people in the past, modernised for SS19. To be able to set up the final media campaign plan with the right assets invested in the right media we conducted online quantitative testing on the assets and branding with UK consumers.

Consistent pre-testing improves an ad’s effectiveness by at least 20%, according to Millward Brown. Additional research found that an ad’s creativity and content influenced profits four times more than media placement. (Source; Qualtrics)

What did RetroFuzz do?

We were able to create Consumer Insights for the brand based on several sources;

Google Analytics
We analysed the UK audience and location over the previous years to help the brand understand how their audience was changing, and where they were based. We created a Data Studio report that allows both the brand and the Performance Marketing partner to monitor this data, and easily review the impact this campaign is having.

Quantitative Survey
Using the Qualtrics Experience Management platform we recruited 300 participants, screened to match the brands target demographics, who were asked to complete an online survey. The survey was designed to provide insights on the preferred static images, branding options and video with specific attention to gathering:
• How well the campaign assets resonates with target consumers
• Preference regarding use of video voice over - with or without
• A direction for most efficient branding of the campaign assets

In person study
We used one of our regular teaching engagements to run an in person survey with 60 students who matched our target demographics.

What was the outcome?

In just a few weeks we were able to provide the brand with actionable insights that showed that exposure to the Icons campaign improved brand perception in of the survey sample.

As part of our ongoing relationship with iconic denim brand Wrangler we introduced ‘Born Ready’, a new pan-European digital platform and brand product offering, through responsive eCommerce and contextual omnichannel messaging.

The Born Ready platform brings to life Wrangler’s personality and philosophy – a commitment to creating innovative denim products that prepare you for adventure.The new ‘Ready Range’ launches product innovations such as Rain Ready and Cold Ready jeans to give everyday adventurers the freedom to transition seamlessly from work and city life to the great outdoors in style.

With the brand aiming to be category leaders in performance denim our goal was to clearly present their commitment to denim innovation and display new product offerings through a best-in-class digital experience.

Given that this is the first brand campaign in several years, we realised digital gave us the chance to speak on a local level to consumers that hadn’t been spoken to for some time.

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