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April 2019

Built on truth: the power of insights

This month we explore how real-world customer conversations and data analysis are turned into insights that ensure your eCommerce experience remains fuelled by your brand and shaped by your audience.

When it comes to UX research, we have two guiding principles: the more we know, the more effective we can be. And that we make decisions for our clients built on truths.

What have your customers told you lately?

This month's opinion piece comes from The Next Web, an compelling article by Warren Levitan looking at the importance of conversational data if delivering a more personal and personalised customer experience is the end goal.

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March 2019

The Importance of Expertise

It took an outsider to draw our attention to the fact that it's not our services or products that our clients are buying - it’s our expertise. In the hectic day to day of business life, it is easy to forget the value in what we've learnt and where we've come from.

What the wine industry understands about connecting with Consumers

The wine industry has achieved benefits often associated with disruptive innovation in an industry in which the technology has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. And they've done this not by learning from their customers but by teaching them. Gregory Carpenter and Ashlee Humphreys immersed themselves in the industry to understand more.

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The Business of Expertise by David C. Baker

Whilst many people proclaim themselves to be thought leaders, not many of them can really compare to David C. Baker. Having advised over 900 professional services firms during his time as a consultant, it's clear that his experience and expertise are second to none in his chosen field.

"The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth" contains some of the most valuable wisdom we've come across. So much so that this book has inspired our recent re-positioning to focus on offering our expertise to our clients first.

We aspire to offer the same value to our clients that David offers to his.

February 2019

The Value of Simplicity

In the often difficult and demanding space of digital business, this month we look at ways in which RetroFuzz and others use simplicity to empower clients and make life easier for audiences.

The World's Simplest Brands

Netflix, Aldi and Google top the World's Simplest Brands report for 2018-2019. The study, now in its eighth year, not only measures the role of simplicity in brand experience but the value it brings.

And since 2009, a stock portfolio of the simplest global brands has outperformed the average of the major indexes by 686%. While industry trends ebb and flow, one fact remains - simplicity pays.

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Agencies and clients can’t afford to rely on assumptions
"Assumptions about the problem to be solved creates confusion. Which creates meetings. Which creates confused creatives. Which creates confused clients. Which creates mistrust. Which wastes money."

A great article on Medium which echoes our methodology of ensuring that firstly we must fully understand the problem in order to solve the problem.

January 2019

How to help your brand thrive online in 2019

2018 was an exciting and challenging year, not only for RetroFuzz but for digital business in general. In our first newsletter of the new year, we look at how to operate and thrive in this current environment.

Giant brands set to change how we shop forever

Eight of the 10 companies that Greenpeace has listed as the world’s largest contributors to the plastic waste crisis have started working with Loop, a new zero-waste platform.

Packaging that looks better, performs better and shifts from being a manufacturing cost to an asset definitely sounds like big news to us.

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How Digitally Native Brands Will Shape Bricks-and-Mortar Retail in 2019

Digitally Native brands like Warby Parker, Casper and Allbirds are expected to open 850 new locations over the next five years, eMarketer looks at how, in 2019, digitally inspired innovation will help brick-and-mortar regain relevance and get shoppers back onto the high street.

December 2018

Why we focus on our Customer's Customer

Being truly customer centric means you are constantly in touch with your customers and you are actively looking for new ways to learn more about them. You are always gathering more data about how your customers feel, think and behave. You are not only in touch with their actions but also with their beliefs, their wishes and their hopes. Their aspirations. Their dreams. It becomes a personal mission to provide value for your customers every time they interact with your brand, your platform, your messaging and your products.

Doing all of this continuously and consistently - and also managing to weave the detail you uncover into the fabric of your business at the same time - requires great skill and experience.

So this month we are looking at Customer Centricity - how we approach it and how we can help our clients put their customers at the heart of their business.

How to take Customer Experience to a new level

As part of a research project, Kimberly Whitler looks at the challenges that CMO's face today. In this conversation with Thom Gruhler, they discuss the importance of the whole customer experience rather than just the immediately actionable wins.

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The three essential sources of customer insight

Gerry McGovern has his own take on customer insight by suggesting that only by properly combining observational, quantitative and qualitative research methods can a fully rounded and in-depth picture of the customer be created.

October 2018

Let's talk about change.

The digital landscape is constantly in a state of change. In the face of innovators, disruptors, influencers and creators, we all have to take a look at ourselves and change to continue to thrive.  In this, our first monthly email, we share our world with you; the reading that inspires us, the insights that lead us to change, the practical solutions we make to everyday life in the digital industry, and shining a light on what we are creating for our partners and clients.

The VC behind Warby Parker raises new $350m fund.
"The consumer is leading the charge, and if the consumer is anchoredaround values and things that matter, that’s good for business"
Kirsten Green

We've been watching brands like Warby Parker, Ace & Tate, or Everlane with interest as they launch their brands with strong values and slick customer experience. This new breed of brand navigate a new path to purchase and expect better products, better service, and a better experience. New technology platforms are unlocking potential and reshaping how business gets done.

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What are the trends that are likely to define the future of online retail?

Every year Mary Meeker pulls together one of the most highly anticipated slide decks in Silicon Valley. This year, we're interested to see that eCommerce sales continue to accelerate, whilst retail sales continue to decline. It's nice to see Shopify namechecked as they continue to remove the barriers to entering the market for DTC brands.

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