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Hermes NexTec

"I collaborated with RetroFuzz for three years on many projects for Wrangler and Lee. I cannot stress enough what a great experience it was from the very launch of the Wrangler and Lee online shops and then throughout the execution of pivotal brand campaigns.

The team were of crucial importance to every single project, and always managed to be limitlessly creative while keeping the brand’s vision and strategic goals in sight.

From concept to final output, they were able to challenge us (the full-service eCommerce providers), and the brand’s marketing team. Working together was never been anything but productive, collaborative and inspiring."

Tina Faramarzian, Shop Manager

RetroFuzz worked with Hermes NexTec to launch the first Lee & Wrangler stores

Crimson Performance

"RetroFuzz are a trusted partner for all things digital strategy and helping to bring clarity with how to use digital to build a successful business. Great to work with, would definitely recommend their services."

Matt Hallam, Managing Director

RetroFuzz has supplied Digital Strategy services to Crimson Performance since 2018


"We've worked with RetroFuzz on many projects over a number of years and they have always done a fabulous job.

If you're looking to build a successful online brand and business I can't recommend them highly enough."

Andy Theyers, Director

RetroFuzz have supplied UX services to Isotoma since 2015

GDPR Assist

"I recently worked with RetroFuzz on a data-centric project. They're a knowledgeable, talented and friendly bunch of people highly experienced in eCommerce.

They are also very straightforward to do business with and it was a pleasure to work with them on this project.

Paul Strout, Owner & Chief Consultant

GDPR Assist supplied Data Privacy advice to RetroFuzz

Jenny Jones

“With one afternoon workshop RetroFuzz listened to me explain my overflowing unclear thoughts and turned it into a very clear vision on how to connect with my audience and create an authentic brand.”

Jenny Jones, Olympic Snowboarder

RetroFuzz supplied Strategy services to Jenny Jones


"Retrofuzz act as your extended digital marketing team. They not only act as part of the team, we have always felt they belong to the Wrangler team because of their consistent dedication and flexibility to each and every project we put on their desk.

They always go the extra mile to over deliver in line with the brand's business and marketing objectives. On top of that, they are an absolute pleasure to work with and can offer excellent talent when it comes to digital marketing.

I would strongly recommend hiring them and would be my pleasure to work with them again”.

Ilaria Pasquinelli, Marketing Director 2013-2016

RetroFuzz have supported Wrangler since 2012

Fulfilment Crowd

"Retrofuzz take a very different approach to eCommerce, bringing together specialist providers and creating a positive, shared success culture that creates astounding results for clients. They own it and deliver it.”

Lee Thompson, Managing Director

RetroFuzz appointed Fulfilment Crowd to support Bear Grylls


“We had a very specific vision for the site, our online denim experience had to be completely tailored to our wearers across the globe, but also had to pay homage to our considerable heritage.

RetroFuzz understands the importance of user experience, and in working in close collaboration, to get the best possible result. What we now have is a site that presents Lee in a fresh new way.

It demonstrates our trend-led approach, inspiring our existing wearers to explore other styles, and introducing Lee to those who may be new to the brand as it is today.”

Chris McGivern, Digital Marketing Manager 2013 - 2016

RetroFuzz have worked with Lee since 2012.

Hyper Island

"Matt & Amanda work with us as Industry Leaders on the Masters in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island, this role includes wearing many hats which they style out with ease - Coach, Speaker, Connector, Leaders, Designers... and much more.

They're a calm voice that questions & pushes the students in a world of chaos... Because of their creative guidance on the course many students seek them out after to mentor, this really evidences their trust in them as a voice in the industry and they are right to chose.

Personally I love working with Matt & Amanda, they push me, question the course and work easily with us to keep improving and making it the best it can be."

Tash Willcocks

RetroFuzz has supported Hyper Island since 2015

Bear Grylls Ventures

"RetroFuzz are hard-working, relentless, and thoughtful. Their expertise around the complexity of eCommerce is an asset to the Bear Grylls team."

Nereide Greaves, Chief Financial Officer

RetroFuzz have worked with Bear Grylls Ventures since 2018


"It's always great having RetroFuzz as part of the Wrangler team!"

Matt Janes, Marketing Director

RetroFuzz have worked with Wrangler since 2013