Health Check

Your website is your one true opportunity to connect directly with your customers. The right message - coupled with the right user experience - will build the relationships that will help you sell more and build your brand for the long term.

Our Health Check is the first step on your journey toward realising this vision. Over 200 checks, conducted from three different customer perspectives – Optimising Performance, Increasing Motivation and Reducing Friction - resulting in a report that clearly identifies where you can improve.

How our process works

What we do

Phase 1

Understand your key objectives

We will work with you and your stakeholders to understand all of the key objectives for your website over the coming months. We need to know where you’re headed in order to deliver actionable insight right away.

Phase 2

Dig into the data

Using Google’s HEART framework, we will uncover the story your data tells about how customers use your website. This overview provides a road-map pointing to areas most in need of performance improvements.

Phase 3

Speak to your audience

But data only tells us objective fact: what is happening. By speaking to your audience, we will gather subjective insight into why it is happening: what real customers think of your website.

Phase 4

Create insight and action report

We will then distill our findings and related suggestions down into a final insight and recommendations report. This will be discussed with you via an in-person meeting or a screen share, then shared via email.

What you get

Identify how your customers are using your website

Who they are, what they are doing, when they are visiting your site, where they are visiting from, how they got there and the journey they are taking on your website.

Improve your customer experience

Proactively identify opportunities to amplify your brands message and reduce friction in order to deliver experiences in line with what customers have come to expect.

Measure and learn

Identify which metrics are important in order to better review the performance of your website and invest your budget correctly.

Focus your efforts

Identify areas of revenue and profit growth to focus on to maximise returns.

Optimising Performance

Consumers expect your website to load quickly, work perfectly and be accessible, regardless of how they are connected or which device they are browsing on. Ensuring this is the case with some simple changes can often lead to lower bounce rates and more page views, resulting in your users being more engaged, conversion rates improving and revenues increasing.

Does your website load quickly, display correctly across devices and adhere to best practices?

Increasing Motivation

The first goal of your website must be to inspire and motivate your customers to give their attention to your products and educate them about the the role your brand plays in their life. An educated and inspired customer is an engaged and loyal customer.

Does your website inspire users to engage with you? How are you capturing their attention?

Reducing Friction

The flip side of motivation is friction. Very often in eCommerce, customers will come across areas that don't behave in line with expectations that can hinder their progress toward completing a purchase. These barriers are often easily fixed, and can mean the difference between a customer making a purchase or going elsewhere.

Does your website make it easy for users to achieve what they set out to do?

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As part of our ongoing relationship with iconic denim brand Wrangler we introduced ‘Born Ready’, a new pan-European digital platform and brand product offering, through responsive eCommerce and contextual omnichannel messaging.

The Born Ready platform brings to life Wrangler’s personality and philosophy – a commitment to creating innovative denim products that prepare you for adventure.The new ‘Ready Range’ launches product innovations such as Rain Ready and Cold Ready jeans to give everyday adventurers the freedom to transition seamlessly from work and city life to the great outdoors in style.

With the brand aiming to be category leaders in performance denim our goal was to clearly present their commitment to denim innovation and display new product offerings through a best-in-class digital experience.

Given that this is the first brand campaign in several years, we realised digital gave us the chance to speak on a local level to consumers that hadn’t been spoken to for some time.

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