Improving mobile engagement with a new navigation system

As our work on Lee’s eCommerce website continued after launch, it became clear that mobile traffic and website usage was increasing rapidly. As such, it was decided that we needed to find ways to improve the ease with which users could find key pages across the website.

What did RetroFuzz find?

Google Analytics data highlighted which pages customers on the website were visiting most regularly, and we used this information to identify which end to end customer journeys needed improvement.

What did RetroFuzz do?

Navigation is a critical piece of any website, so making any changes is a high stakes endeavour. We decided that this project was an ideal candidate for an A/B testing approach in order to properly assess the impact of the changes we made before rolling them out to the entire audience.

Since deep page scrolling was prevalent on mobile devices, it was our assertion that a sticky navigation would make navigation on the website simpler for users and increase engagement. Specifically, we expected to see more clicks and interaction overall with the header and navigation areas.

What was the outcome?

Following the A/B test, we found that clicks in the new sticky navigation were indeed higher overall. The new position of the country selector led to higher visibility and accessibility for the user, with all navigation items being clicked significantly more often in the test variant when compared to the existing live website.

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