Telling 70 years worth of stories for Wrangler's birthday

To celebrate Wrangler's 70th birthday and introduce the brand to a younger audience we created an experience that's part lookbook, part archive, and all things Wrangler.

What did RetroFuzz do?

To launch its new season's range and connect with an audience excited by retro trends, we helped Wrangler celebrate its 70-year legacy with a digital celebration full of retro flair and packed with gems from a vast archive of vintage campaign photography.

70 Years of Wrangler is a celebration of the denim brand's history and a place to discover its retro-inspired anniversary collection. The site is full of classic photos and ads from Wrangler's vast archive. It's part lookbook, part archive, and all things Wrangler.

To connect this dedicated microsite to the eCommerce experience, Shoppable products are highlighted with direct links to purchase on the brand's eCommerce store.

With a campaign project like this we worked with Performance Marketing, SEO, CRM, and Digital Analysts, shaping the planning and reporting before the creative had begun.

Wrangler Anniversary Website

What was the outcome?

Engagements statistics showed this new demographic were engaging with the brand like never before, and the site received attention far and wide, attracting a four-page showcase in .Net Magazine.

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