Using Wrangler's social content to enhance DTC eCommerce

With a new brand positioning attracting a cult following amongst a younger audience on social channels, we decided we had to figure out how to reflect the brand's unique voice on their eCommerce website with better content pages and a shopping journey to match.

What did RetroFuzz find?

After hearing in usability tests that customers were lacking inspirationally led journeys we could see the value in adding more of the brand voice into the eCommerce experience.

We worked closely with Wrangler’s creative and development teams to best understand how to create more engaging and relevant content pages across the website.

We identified that the client was finding it difficult to build well-designed content pages using the two CMS platforms – Wordpress and Magento – that were in use on the website. The existing templates for publishing content to the site were inflexible and limited in options.

What did RetroFuzz do?

We continued to work closely with the Wrangler team to implement a modular system with almost endless possibilities that enabled the client to create well laid out and beautifully presented content pages within the Wordpress CMS.

Wrangler eCommerce Landing Pages

What was the outcome?

Not only did this help the in-house team, but also the customer looking for inspiration. Following the implementation of these pages, those customers who arrived on the website via one of the new content pages spent twice as long on the website, and much more likely to return.

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