RetroFuzz to join Manchester's Digital Futures Ambassadors programme

To become a leading digital city, Greater Manchester needs a talent pipeline full of skilled people ready to enter the industry and we want to help future-proof our tech talent pipeline. So we've signed up to become a Digital Futures Ambassador, a brilliant initiative by Manchester Digital to help ensure a brighter digital future for both Greater Manchester’s young people and tech sector alike.

Digital Futures is a GMCA-backed programme that uses industry support to encourage Greater Manchester’s young people to pursue careers within the digital sector. By 2035, Greater Manchester’s digital and creative sector will require an additional 22,000 roles in order to sustain itself. This figure is staggering. Even more staggering when you consider that right here, in 2019, we are already experiencing a skills shortage so severe that one-third of our region’s digital businesses have reported turning away work due to a lack of talent.

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