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Hotjar Tips - How to use Funnels retroactively

Using Hotjar? I stumbled across a neat feature today that it seems many aren't aware of...

So we all know funnels, and how you might use them to measure dropoff at different stages in a user journey. Obvious right? And that of course, you can also measure this with Google Analytics and Goal Funnel visualisations.

But the great feature Hotjar has here (which I've confirmed by speaking to them today) is that it's tracking all pageviews from the minute you add the tracking code to your site.

What this means is you can set up a funnel today, and use the date selector to go all the way back to when you added Hotjar, and it will show the data from that period, unlike GA which only collects data from when the Goal was set up.

This is really helpful for if you're wanting to setup a new funnel and want to review data without waiting for it to collect as with Heatmaps or recordings, or be able to review performance through different periods.

I also figured out some neat Regex tips for capturing multiple pages, but maybe I'll share that another day. 😀

Thanks to Hotjar for recently featuring this in their Blog 8 Hotjar features you may not know about

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