Consulting & Mentoring

Designing Experiences for Hyper Island

Every year we spend 5 weeks with Hyper Island, coaching the Experience Design MA students through their final module.

In just 25 days they interview Industry Experts and Stakeholders, dig deep into the psychology of UX, pretotype ideas, prototype solutions and teste with users around the world. And then, deliver engaging remote pitches to deliver both their story and in-depth insights.

"You've designed the experience, of learning to design experiences!"

We loved this bit of feedback we got this week from one of the Hyper Island Teams and wanted to share a few helpful tips and tools we've picked up coaching 18 Experience Design students based around the world.

1. To improve the quality of presentations invest in a good AV setup. I took influence from the inane YouTubers my kids love to see what made them so engaging, and discovered eCamm Live which turns a Canon DSLR into a webcam and vastly improves image quality. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!

2. We're using Poll Everywhere for remote checkins and gathering responses. This helps make sure everyone gets input, and can upvote responses anonymously. It's also super helpful being able to export the responses straight back into the Keynote that we share after session - so we have a data source of all our interactions!

3. Rather than simply sharing the deck and resources via Zoom chat, we setup Mailchimp to send out all the links shared in the minutes after the session. The addition of name personalisation makes this feel a little more special and keeps a nice record. Unnecessary, but a little bit of joy to end the session with.

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