What we've been up to, thinking about, and researching in the eCommerce space.

How our process works

What we do

Phase 1

Understand your key objectives

We will work with you and your stakeholders to understand all of the key objectives for your website over the coming months. We need to know where you’re headed in order to deliver actionable insight right away.

Phase 2

Dig into the data

Using Google’s HEART framework, we will uncover the story your data tells about how customers use your website. This overview provides a road-map pointing to areas most in need of performance improvements.

Phase 3

Speak to your audience

But data only tells us objective fact: what is happening. By speaking to your audience, we will gather subjective insight into why it is happening: what real customers think of your website.

Phase 4

Create insight and action report

We will then distill our findings and related suggestions down into a final insight and recommendations report. This will be discussed with you via an in-person meeting or a screen share, then shared via email.

What you get

Identify how your customers are using your website

Who they are, what they are doing, when they are visiting your site, where they are visiting from, how they got there and the journey they are taking on your website.

Improve your customer experience

Proactively identify opportunities to amplify your brands message and reduce friction in order to deliver experiences in line with what customers have come to expect.

Measure and learn

Identify which metrics are important in order to better review the performance of your website and invest your budget correctly.

Focus your efforts

Identify areas of revenue and profit growth to focus on to maximise returns.

RetroFuzz | eCommerce User Experience Design Consultancy Manchester

The Importance of Community in the ever-changing world of Creative Leadership.

Jonathan McNamara RetroFuzz

by Matt Kendall

Growing up I didn’t know anyone who worked in the creative fields. Nor, in fact, in any kind of leadership capacity. Entrepreneurs were people I often saw on the television, so distant from my world that the thought never crossed my mind that I could end up on that same path.

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RetroFuzz | eCommerce User Experience Design Consultancy Manchester

Moving on.
AKA, Ikigai for Dummies.

Jonathan McNamara RetroFuzz

by Jonathan McNamara

A large number of people reading this will know of RetroFuzz as a creative agency working at the intersection of music, design and technology. From  2004 to 2016 we designed and built websites, apps, products and platforms for pretty much every artist and label going. But, it was clear that things needed to change. The question was to what?

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RetroFuzz | eCommerce User Experience Design Consultancy Manchester

The Value of user experience design for eCommerce Brands

Jonathan McNamara RetroFuzz

by Jonathan McNamara

Most marketers are familiar with the concept of user experience (UX) design in relation to their brand and eCommerce website. But many may not necessarily have had the opportunity to examine the real value it can bring for their customers, their brand and their business.

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RetroFuzz | eCommerce User Experience Design Consultancy Manchester

How to build a luxury brand online

Matt Kendall RetroFuzz

by Matt Kendall

Maxwell - Scott is a British born leather makers based in North Yorkshire who stand for impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. As part of the Maxwell-Scott Broadsheet - a place to discuss business-related subjects with a range of industry experts - they asked us to share our thoughts on how to build a luxury brand online…

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