Beady Eye
Beady Eye Records

Liam Gallagher. Regardless what you think of the lad, you've gotta admit he's one of the biggest stars of our times. We at RetroFuzz grew up with Oasis so we were a little excited when we managed to land the job for Liam's new band. A genuine 'Fuzz high point!

We put together a website that would create a community for fans of Beady Eye where they could register to upload their own content and interact with each other online. We also integrated all that Twitter and Facebook login stuff that makes it much easier for folk to get involved - no big forms to fill in if you don't want to.

We also sourced the web hosting for the band, which proved to be a pretty simple exercise - we just spoke to our friends at Vnetrix who put together a dedicated server and CDN package for us that has withstood more traffic than we've ever seen on any of our websites.