Art Direction

We work with Eastpak on A LOT of projects every year. There isn't a day goes by when the lovely folk in either the European or UK offices aren't on the phone discussing something or other. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

One project we work on each year is the Antidote Tour - a pan-European affair that is put together to showcase both established and upcoming artists. It's always a great project for us because Eastpak give us creative freedom and are always receptive to our thoughts and ideas.

Inevitably, the whole office touches some Antidote Tour work since we do everything from initial creative direction and concepts, to delivering the flyers, posters and window displays - as well as the website and social networks.

In fact the more we sometimes wonder how we get it all done each year. But, when projects are fun and creative it's easy to just dive into them and not worry too much about the arm-length list of deliverables.

(Thanks to our friends Dejan Tolo and for the photos)